"Announcement for the curious with minds who wonder where's the new Dobe stuff?

Auntie is suffering from the vapors with her new computer, as some ot the equipment is not compatable with the old one...
so, we dig out the family jewels, hock them, and get more new stuff,
then get it installed, and off to the poor house Auntie and the gang go, but we go first class!
Oh well, keep 'tooned, we have several ready to load, should be in action late this month.
Whut next."

FINALLY! As of August's last gasp, Auntie has once again returned to 'tooning!! Yay!

Auntie has to get used to the newswaggled proseedures, but perserverance will perservere, and we will.

In the meantime, go visit our latest venture.
I'm finally able to mention Star. My sadness been unspeakable since the loss of StarPuppy, but she will live on not only forever in my memory,
but with this precious tribute by my partner, Ken Babin on his brand new site, PTSDPROMISE.COM. Visit "Yakabouts" for the url.

Semper Fi..... A treasured photograph of StarPuppy saluting the statue of "Kurt". (This is true...she was trained to salute, and did.)

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