*Music:Chickie Mama
"The Dancing Doberman"

Congratulations to Devian for his Jazz CD release, "SpringTime" !!!

Devian has done such an outstanding job sequencing our beautiful & exclusive Midi files! The "Daring Doberman Theme",variations, and "The Dancing Doberman" (composed by Auntie DRM in memory of her dancing Doberman, "Chiquita")and our most recent, our theme song:"DoberTune", composed and sequenced by Devian for us. Jazz Artist,composer, arranger, computer & midi expert,(Email: Visit Devian's Jazz site where he has a full page of jazz midi files he's sequenced, plus samples of his wonderful CD (Nominated as one of the top 10 Jazz Albums in Indonesia) To hear some of this music,go to his discography page. If you are a jazz buff,visit his site. It's absolutly a "four star" CD, it is FABulous!!! He is truely a master player of Jazz saxophone. All Rights reserved.

For some great Jazz & tasty Jazz midi files, visit Devian's web site!
Full directions to reach his Jakarta, Indonesia, music studio.
custom midi files, any music service, this is his business.

Devian Zikri.

Background is from "Music Land", from my collection of rare Walt Disney "Silly Symphonys", circa l936.


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