Without these folks, Dober'Toons would be like stale bread in the rain. For a week.

Christa Pfeiffer...The backbone of Doberman Pinscher Rescue and Referral. If she had a nickle for every Dobe she's rescued, she could buy that Island in Hawaii and retire and raise cane. She also has her Champion, Arco...but rather than have him ever used for stud, his neuticals are naughticals. She is my technical advisor for any dog show questions, and her funny sense of humor has often sparked cartoon ideas. I'm lucky to have her as a friend.

Carol Minkus"The Computer Lady"! I call her "The Code speaker". She started in computers when they were as large as a room. Now the owner of her own computer consultant business, Carol went to a lot of work to redo the original Dober'Toons, which was in Java format. About half the people who 'tooned in could not get them. She redid them with several day's worth of work, made me learn html code.Any code questions when I get stumped, she's there to answer them for me.

AntmanThe guy who built my computer, and who keeps it perkin'. I'd never be able to function without his expertise.
"Wynntec" custom computers, upgrades, tutoring. email:

Andrew Wangthe original founder of the Doberman Pinscher Discussion Forum who set up my first website out of the goodness of his heart and his love for Dobermans. He always told me that I had to learn to function without him, that all things end. I'll always thank him for his kindness to a complete stranger.

All of Ya'all! without you, dear readers, we wouldn't be.

Title bar is from "Mickey's Fire Brigade", from my collection of rare Walt Disney "Silly Symphonys" circa l936.


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