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This photo was sent to Dober'Toons! by viewer Sam Hensley
in response to #246, "Biker Dude"

Pictured: The Ultra Poodle Disguise kit for Dobermans
Change your Doberman from a vicious beast into a sweet Doberpoodle.
Picture is a link to an hysterical site where you can
obtain a "Disguise for Dangerious Breeds"

This lovable animation was sent to share with Dober'Toons! by viewer Carmen Elana and her Dobe Freia!
A True DoberLady!

"Cash", a Dobe with a funny bone!"

due to technical difficulties beyond my control, I can't link to Cash's site. Here is the address, please try from your own computer. Sorry, Auntie

Meet the real life Annie! Now living her life in California...and Logan, a Warlock Doberman from the deep south now living in Michigan...(link)Lola the Service Doberman....A Dobemom and her puppy from Italy....and one of the overseas Doberman Mags who has featured Dober'Toons!(link)The painting of the Dobermans is by Stacey Fox.Used with special permission! For details of her work visit our Links page.The Italian mag where we are featured each month, The beautiful redhead is the legendary "Sera" a perfect '10', backstage at the Westie(See Toon #39)A photo to 'Dober'Toons', from "Liquorish Dobes" the late wonderful Grace and Jeff Joffe with their CGC-TDI Dobes, Woody and Willow! Next is Auntie and two of her Dobes, Starpuppy and Mr. Cha, after they earned their WAC's! (8/9/03)last is little 2 yr old Lauren with the family Dobes, Jasmine and Jake. Who sez Dobes aren't fabulous with kids, eh? Keep 'tooned, more pics as we gettum.