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Dedication Page 1.~Dedication: To the Brave Dobermans of WW2 and other conflicts
Doberman Rescue groups, and K9 trainers (Includes a list of Dober'Toons featuring a Military theme)
2.Web Rings Dober'Toons! belongs to

3. Friends of Dober'Toons! (Doberman Links and Links to neat places on the www)
4. 21 Arfs and Brags Page: Outstanding Dobes to salute
News of the 'Toons,A few pics of Dobes

************5.CAST OF CHARACTERS!*************

6. Little Arfin' Annie

7. Oliver Twist
8. Dobie,Isabella,and Dizzy!

9.The Kitties!
10. The Humans

11.Pics of fabulous & sort'a famous Dobertoons "graduates" of fame and fortune. (Well almost.)

12.The Story of Dober'Toons written by Little Arfin' Annie's drawer-person

(1)Early Auntie and some of her published cartoons from long ago

(2)A little about Auntie's Dobermans (All Rescues)

13. The Technicians who lead Auntie, kicking and screaming, to make these pages possible

(1)Awstun's Animations
(2)Devian Zikri, Midi master
(3)Advisors & consultants

14. Awards
We have received, Awards to apply for!

15."Guest" Cartoonists

16.Technical Consultants (Auntie's Rescued Dobermans)




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