These are the two kitties in the cast! Al E. Kat, and Gremlin Kitty. Al lives with Oliver & the Diddleboops, Grem lives with Annie & the D'Armans next door. Gremlin is named after one of the 'Toon fans, who often writes emails to Mr. Chacho, one of Auntie's Dobermans. How they correspond is a mystery, but the emails are fun-ee! Constructive, too, at least Auntie doesn't have furballs...However, there is a mouse in my computer....

Background is "The Robber Kitten" from my collection of rare Walt Disney's "Silly Symphonys", circa 1936. "Dober'Toons!" are the property of L.Angele Laughlin-Semple, All rights reserved, keepa you paws off'n. T'aint nice to take my work.
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