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G.I.Dobe-Boy~~~~~~Chef Dober~~~~~~~~~~~The Rev. Jesse Doba' Man


Dr. Dobie Man~~~~~~~~~Greenie O'Dober

Here are some of the Dober'Toons characters who have "made it!" G.I.Dobe-boy ( a pun on the WW1 Infantry term for Doughboys) This little guy was designed for and used on stationary by the late Dick Zika, who was very active in the Veteran's quest for a postage stamp honoring the War Dogs.~~~Chef Dober was an idea of Christa Pfeiffer, and used as the character for Doberly delicious recipes, The Rev. Jesse Doba' Man won our hearts when he married Izzy and Dobie,~~~Dr. Dobie Man was designed for author Lila Warner, for use in one of her newspaper columns.,~~~ And adorable teeny Greenie O'Dober is our little Dobrechaun who appears under or on his toadstool every St. Patrick's day.


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