Rescued Dobermans make outstanding Companions!


Lois Laughlin Semple, (PenName Auntie Dobe R. Mann) and her Three Rescue Dobermans, Starpuppy, Miss K-T Did, and Mr. Cha Cho, in a fantastic Doberman frame sent to us by Markus the Magnificent!
Mr. Cha Cho spent his first year of life chained to a fence by a wire wrapped around his hind leg. The leg grew, the wire didn't.(It had to be removed by surgery) Seized by Police as a cruelty case, he spent a month being fostered and rehabilitated by Trainer Sandra Anderson, and was adopted by Lois in 1998. He has his CGC and WAC. Miss Did, another cruelty case, spent her first year and a half hooked by a 3 ft chain to a dog house. By the time Dobe Rescue got her, she'd had a litter of pups by some dog passin' through, was full of worms including heartworms, and emaciated. She's been with me since l999. She has her CGC. She's my husband's baby, and goes with him everywhere. Both of these Dobermans have fabulous temperaments, are great reliable companions,and their merriment of life are a neverending source of ideas for my Cartoons. But both hate to be outside...I wonder why. *********************************************************************

Here Mr. Cha, Starpuppy and Lois at the Detroit D.P.C.'s WAC testing and Doberman fun day the summer of 2002. Above is Mr. Cha nearly pulling me over the mark to get at the agitator. Both of them passed with nice scores and comments! Yea!


Here is a photo of Starpuppy and Mr.Cha as she rears up on his back during their musical freestyle routine (complete with masks, spiked collars and money bags, done to the music of "The Doberman Gang".

The Star of my heart, "Starpuppy". Brought to my doorstep four and a half years ago as a raggedy little bag of bones, this little blue girl melted my heart as she looked at me for help. Covered with fleas, pooping rocks mixed with her poo, emaciated,coughing with every breath, I wondered where on earth she'd come from. She was all of 5 or 6 weeks of age, it was hard to tell. I called rescue, for I'd never wanted the problems of a Blue Doberman, but there were no foster homes....would I please keep her a couple of weeks? Well, she's still here and not about to go anywhere. Never...this is her "forever home". Starpuppy is the perfect Doberman. She has gone on to become a Certified Therapy/Service Dog, A Dog Scout of America, C.G.C., she has her A.T.T., C.D., and her WAC. She is a true working dog, my partner as I teach training for a pet store here in Flint Michigan, and she loves to demonstrate her many tricks from growling, singing, answering the phone, fetching my keys when I throw them clear across the area, closing her crate door behind her, to her musical freestyle steps. Plus she has that wonderful Dobie sense of humor.

Starpuppy "Over!" Auntie's arm!
The gang on Auntie's right, the girls...K-T, Xena, and Starpuppy, and on the left, the boys, Kurt and Tylor.

Up date May 2007, our pack is now six rescues...Tylor, Kurt, Xena, Starpuppy, with new additions Maxwell Smart and puppy Piranha....



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