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Here is the whole story...why, who and what goes into this Series!! Hey, ya tooned in, so you must care a liddle bit....

I'm often asked, why do I present "Dober'Toons!"? Good question, so I decided to tell you, dear readers, the story of the cartoons, and the how and why they exist. Quite simply, they are a labor of love!
I fell in love with Dobermans during WW2. All we kids went to Saturday movies in those days, which was previews, newsreel, cartoon, and feature. Patriotic spirit prevailed then, and war coverage was the main theme. The Marines and their "Devil Dogs" were often featured. And I hoped someday I would have a Doberman of my very own.

Fast forward a few decades, and Auntie's all growed up, got her dream Dobe in l964, and 26 years ago became involved with Doberman Rescue.

"Dober'Toons!" came into being when I began drawing illustrations and cartoons for the Doberman Pinscher of Michigan Rescue and Referral newsletter, "Dobie Tattle Tails" in l998.I don't like my own name, so "Auntie Dobe R. Mann" became my pen name. Editor Christa Pfeiffer, long involved with Doberman Rescue & the Detroit Doberman Circle, and a longtime Dober-friend of mine, decided they should have a name, and thus began~"Dober'Toons!".

I've done cartoons most of my life, starting as a kid when Bambi was released. I drew 'toons all through high school, got in major trouble for doing none too flattering charicatures of the teachers, was cartoon editor of the U. of Iowa magazine "Frivol" when I was there in the stone age,& had a few published in magazines and newspapers during my life, so I was very pleased to dust off my quills and ink to help the Dobies. I always have had three Dobermans at a time in the past 30 some years, and almost all have been rescues.

When you've had that experience, somehow the rescue part becomes very important when you see the dog blossom into it's full potential. My three beautiful Dobermans on the cover picture with me are rescues, Mr. Chacho was a cruelty case, K-T Did major neglect, Starpuppy a sick little emaciated puppy of 5 or 6 weeks. Yet today they are a continuous reminder of the terrible waste of society's "Throw-a-way" dog - though they romp and pose for me, happy as can be in their now indulged lives. What better tribute than "Dober'Toons!" to tell that story? What better way to thank Doberman Rescue for my dobes?

When the "Tattle Tails" publication halted for an indefinite period, I was very sad because the newsletter work was my major contribution to helping the needy Dobies. There were so many topics left unwritten, so many cartoon ideas undrawn, so many stories untold.

Sometime later I got my first computer and soon was connected to that mysterious experience, the Internet. Much to my delight, I discovered the "Doberman Pinscher Discussion Forum" and I loved reading about all these Dobermans! Finally I worked up the courage to contact Webmaster “Drew”, and asked if there was any way he would consider publishing a cartoon now and then, he said “yes & to sent him a couple of 'toons”. He did more than publish them, he set up a website for us and patiently sent me email after email telling me how to load and edit (Duh!) the cartoons, and he put our "Dober'Toons!" name up on the D.P.D.Forum features. We will always thank Drew for what he did for us.

In the few years they've been running, "Dober'toons!" have been discovered by folks all over the world, and our popularity is ever growing. Oliver and Little Arfin'Annie's adventures began anew, joined by the regulars "Dobie" and "Izzy", their puppy “Dizzy”, (now a main character), and the other characters. If you, dear reader, ever visit our "Friends of "Dober'toons" Links page you will see the impressive sites that list us, and these are just the ones I know about. I'm continually stumbling onto sites which have listed us as favorites. Some sites use our characters. (most have permission) We've been featured on "The History of the Dogs of War" site, are listed on a few military K-9 sites including a couple of Marine sites. One webmaster has animated a couple of the characters. Not all have been glowing reviews though, there is one internet site which referred to Dober’Toons as a “waste of time”. They of course did not say why, nor did they accept any email from me, Oh well, it’s remarks like this that keeps one humble! We are listed on several of the big search engines too. Several Rescue Newsletters use them, which any Doberman organization is welcome to do providing they meet the requirements. Pretty exciting stuff for this little Cartoon series.

When we received our first award from "Cool Dog Sites" it seemed to me it had become time to revise the package and present the cartoons in a more artistic and available manner. I have always admired the professionalism and beauty of the webpages of "The Doberman Corner Discussion Group", "Shalako Dobermans", and "The Doberman Information Pages" by Carol (aka 'rottndobie' as we all know her), plus we became aquainted via the D.P.D.Forum. I've been proud that she's chosen many of our cartoons to use, and she was the first site to list the "Dober'Toons" link. So when she said "Yes" I jumped at the chance to have her design and reformat "Dober'Toons!". The results of an absolutely magnificent presentation speak for themselves within our Awards pages and Guest Book letters. Now we are once again moving on to a larger site, DoberToons has been revised with more features such as our “Brags” section, and the “Cast of Characters” section returned. I now know how to set up webpages myself, and have tried to make the presentation easier.

Another fabulous plus we were able to obtain was permission to use the music from “The Daring Dobermans” movie. We tried also to get permission to use the theme from “The Doberman Gang”, but after long searching, digging and pleading, we were still refused permission. We could get a license to use it providing we would pay around 250.00 a year, but of course that would be ridiculous for use of this one little song. So we use a combination of Devian Zikra’s arrangements, and public domain music.

Here's how I was able to use the music from the movie,"The Amazing Dobermans". ( Most folks do not have permission to use the music they use. Remember, It is protected by copyright; they can be visited by lawyers and presented a bill for use of this music(!) so I've been told. Anyway, it's not a wise idea to "lift" music that is not public domain.)

After I decided to try and get permission to use the " Daring Doberman" song for my webpage theme, I began that long search to obtain it. Ever since I first heard it, I've always LOVED the theme music from the movie "The Daring Dobermans", it seems to epitomize the wonderful running action and personalities of these dogs. In a former job I dealt with this end of the music business, so I began calling information sources I knew for possible permission to use this song. What a journey that was! But finally I located and spoke with, the composer. He loved my cartoons and gave me permission to use his music!!! I couldn't believe it!! (It also helped that he owned the publishing company....)(This fact was what prevented me from using the theme from "The Doberman Gang") Okay, now that I had permission, I had to locate a musician/computer expert, who could sequence this difficult midi file for me and do it justice, and that I could afford. Locating the composer was a picnic compared to this search. Since I'm a musician, I was able to write out the music and chords from the soundtrack, which saved me several hundred dollars. The gods were smiling, for I finally located Devian Zikra, in Indonesia, who is a Berkeley graduate and fabulous musician, and he agreed to sequence my midi files for me.I emailed him the music, described what I wanted, and he sequenced several wonderful variations for me.

(Midi sequencing is very complex and difficult, he makes it sound so easy. (Example: I happened to have a zip drive disc containing my midis with me when I went shopping at "Circut City", and during our conversation, the fellow waiting on me asked to play this song.Their system is total "state of the art", and the full spectrum of Devian's work was incredible. In a short time, technitions, salesmen, and customers were gathered around the speakers, listening and “ ooing and ahhing”. Devian would have been proud! ) I'm not ashamed to admit the tears rolled down my cheeks when I first loaded these beautiful midi files to listen and watch the Dober'Toons gang run with the music! Those of you who have been fortunate enough to see the movie will remember how perfectly the song fits those Dobies as they run. Devian has just sent me my new midi,a song I wrote called "The Dancing Doberman".(It's on our "Brags" page)and also we will soon have our Aunti-versary midi, "The Dobertoons Theme Song", for our "mirthday" this July. But I will always treasure the honor that I have in using the fabulous theme song from the movie, by composer Robert Ragland, who took the time to talk to me and grant me permission to use his work. The movie may be pulled from the market & retired, but thanks to his generosity, the song will continue to be heard as long as "Dober'Toons!" is running. Oh yes, Auntie has made arrangements with "Awstun's Antimations" to take over the site when Auntie vacates Earth.

So through the efforts of these two webmasters, and the reception of you Doberman folks who 'toon in, "Dober'Toons!" is once again bringing that fabulous Doberman sense of humor into being.I also want to mention "Awstun's Animations", whose owner Ralph Caudill has contributed some fabulous animations and work on my site, and patiently taught me this complex task of animation, and "Antman" who with the same patience has taught me how to work this darn contraption called a computer and read this html stuff, and Carol the Computer code lady who refused to let me use any program but insisted that I learn to function in HTML code and how function with it. Arrrgh!

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