If ever a cartoonist captured the Doberman, it was De Carter Brown. Her Dobermans were fabulous additions to the Doberman Rescue of Florida's publication, 'The Dobie Doodles'. I just loved her work. It's been difficult not to let her style creep into mine!


Here are two War Dog Doberman Cartoons sent to me by WW2 Vet. Alfred Mueller. He's had work published in several military K-9 publications.

You see these little Dobermans everywhere. Drawn by Cartoonist Dale Taylor, they are free to download, but I have yet to see anyone using them to give him credit. He publishes the very successful "Not in My Back Yard" comics.

This is "Jake the Wonderdog". What a treasure this picture is to me. It was an attachment sent to me by his creator and cartoonist, Jerry Newingham. It's because I treasure that recognition from this outstanding artist that I put this gift up on this page. Jerry has that rare talent of getting perfect expressions with just a few lines. His site is strictly adult content, and not for the faint of heart, but the humor off sets the subjects. It takes a special talent to take mere lines and create the fabulous expressions of his characters, and I will always be proud this cartoonist sent me this picture of "Jake". Thank you Jerry~

Ok I admit it, I'm a slathering fan of Ren (a chihuahua) and Stimpy (a cat who usually has no tail)It's just too funny stuff! This is from a letter I received from "them"!

I have no idea who designed this character, but I've loved him ever since I was a wee one and my dad gave me a pair of little Reddy earrings. I have a little collection of Reddy Kilowatt stuff.This pic is from an ancient comic book of his called "The Mighty Atom". The cartoonist is not identified...

This is the front page from my ancient "Bambi" comic book, the one that inspired me to begin drawing cartoons. Bambi was the very first cartoon character I began drawing, and I even did a few paintings of him too. Where has the time gone....(sigh)
so this is my little page of cartoon tributes. There are more, perhaps I'll ad them at a future time~ Woofies, Auntie



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